The Security Risk Management Toolkit
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The SRM Toolkit is used throughtout the world, by organizations of all shapes and sizes.

It is designed to be of value to both the beginner and the seasoned professional.

It has been acclaimed as both "the only risk toolset you will ever need" and "the ultimate timesaver for the risk manager".

The SRM Toolkit was produced by some of the most highly respected risk management specialists in the world.

It can be downloaded to your PC and put in to practical use within minutes.

The SRM Toolkit.

The SRM Toolkit: Risk Management Made Easy

Pro-active security risk management is fundamental to the well being and security of any organization. It is essential in ensuring that security controls and expenditure are commensurate with the actual risks to which the organization is exposed.

Adopting a comprehensive and formal risk management approach is not, however, a trivial task. It requires a sound understanding of the principles of risk, and a toolset to enable the chosen approach to be implemented professionally and rigorously.

The Security Risk Management (SRM) Toolkit is designed specifically to address these issues. It contains a whole series of items, which assist with all stages of the exercise, from training and understanding of the concepts, through to implementation and maintenance of a structured risk management regime. It dramatically reduces the time and resources required, and provides assurance by embracing globally tried and tested methods/templates.


The toolkit comprises dozens of items: everything from guidebooks and presentations, to samples and templates. It includes a comprehensive case study based upon a real-world exercise, a desktop risk assessment kit, and an complete introduction.

The items are supplied in a combination of familiar Word, Exel and Powerpoint formats, to enable them to be instantly picked up and used.

The materials included are: a presentation providing an overview of the most common risk standards; a comprehensive guide to risk management; a risk glossary; EZrisk (a desktop risk assessment system); a contrast and explanation of qualitative and quantitative models; a set of sample probability and risk categories; sample terms of reference for a risk management committee; a generic job description for an Information Security Manager; a benchmark spreadsheet for the controls found in ISO 27001; a risk policy, and sample roles and responsibilities for a variety of functions within an organization; outline of risks to be considered for the risk project itself; a comprehensive and detailed case study.

This is a substantial product. The case study itself, for example, comprises over 24 separate items. It is a step by step walk through of each and every phase and stage of the exercise (and even includes a presentation to walk you through the exercise).


To provide further insight into this remarkable toolkit, we have supplied full descriptions and sample screenshots taken directly from the product. Simply click on the appropriate item in the right hand panel.

These pages provide an excellent illustration of the quality, depth and detail provided.


The SRM Toolkit can be purchased online and downloaded imediately to your PC. No fuss and no difficulty: simply follow the purchase link below to obtain all the materials and items described on this website.

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The Risk Guide
A comprehensive introduction to risk analysis.
The Case Study
Risk assessment case study for a fictitious company
Risk Register
Excel template for your risk register
Risk Standards
PPT overview of the major risk standards
A Sample Job Description
A detailed sample job description for an ISM
ISO 27001
Spreadsheet for scoring the effectiveness of the specified controls
Risk Categories
Explains and suggests risk and probability categories.
Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
Explains and compares the basic approaches
Risk Committee
A sample ToR for a risk management committee
Roles & Responsibilities
Risk policy, roles and responsibilities.
Risk Workshop
How to run a risk workshop
The Glossary
Risk and ISMS glossary
Project Risks
Risks to consider before starting.
Security Standards
National and international standards.
The desktop generic assessment system.
An overview of the above items is also provided.

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